Watch Over Me- Daniela Sacerdoti

Eilidh has lost her unborn child and her faithless husband, but is more affected by the former. Worn down by IVF attempts and let down by the rest of her family, she chooses to escape to an aunt in a in a remote Scottish village where she has a fresh start.  Jamie, her childhood friend, is the village blacksmith-turned-artist, raising his small daughter alone.   This touching tale is about finding family and home, in any form, with a little well-intentioned assistance from beyond the grave.

Kooks for your Kindle?– No exaggerated stereotypes here, just a varied selection of real life, well written characters.  Eilidh’s own family are sadly unsupportive and tactless, bordering on cruel at times.  Fortunately most characters in her new life are both interesting and warm.

The Bella-Swan-Pathetically-Self-Sacrificing-Factor– Eilidh could be forgiven for going into a six month self-pity slump, instead she soldiers on and carves a new life for herself.  It really wouldn’t be possible to criticise a character for a little wallowing and low self esteem after being worn down for years by both an unfaithful husband and a baby tragedy.

Painting a picture for your paperback?– Most people would balk at the thought of living in the middle of nowhere with an aging population and limited shopping, but somehow the author makes it an appealing notion.  The highland village of close-knit, welcoming folk seems a lot warmer than the wintry weather present in the story.

Nookie for your Nook?– Nothing salacious, could be recommended to the Mother-in-law.

Evaluation of your eBook?– Tricky to categorise this one, falling somewhere between ‘Frothy with substance’ and ‘Much more substantial’ on the scale. Slightly too serious for the former, and too easily consumed for the other! The minor ghostly elements fit well with an otherwise real-world story and help with the narrative.  A magical, heartwarming tale of healing after heartbreak.  An absolute bargain too!

Frothy Ranking: 4/5 cocktails.

Can be obtained from:
Amazon for only 85p and WHSmith for 98p.
Amazon for only 99c$1.44 from eBook, Kobo for $1.44
Kobo for $1.44

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