Millie and the American Proposal – Annabel Scott

What to Expect:

Millie’s boyfriend James gets offered a job in Singapore, he accepts, thinking that she’ll give up her job and go with him. Only Millie gets offered a work secondment to New York which is too good an opportunity to turn down. When she arrives in the city, she soon discovers that she’s not the only one new in town; her ex-boyfriend, Rob, is back, and he’s separated from his wife. It’s time for Millie to work out what she wants from life. She’s got to decide whether she’s Team James or Team Rob as she gets her very own American Proposal.

This is the follow up to Millie and the American Wedding, and Millie and the American University, and as they were much loved, it’s great to see further transatlantic adventures of our heroine. It’s best if you’ve read the others first, or at least the former, as there’s a lot of backstory.

The Bella-Swan-Pathetically-Self-Sacrificing-Factor– Millie immediately makes a strong choice by ditching James as soon as he makes the executive decision that her career means nothing, and that they are moving to Singapore where she will hang around while he works long hours. A serendipitous offer then takes her away from her loneliness and back over the pond to the New York branch of her ad agency, where she shows how much she loves her job and could never have given it up for James, who fades into the distance at first.

Kooks for your Kindle?– All Millie’s old mates are back, firstly London party girl Amber, who visits her in New York and manages to have disastrous effects on Millie’s most important client. James and Millie were together for four years, and he seemed to be having trouble balancing career and relationship. His idea of placation was to throw money at the problem, but he obviously still adores her. Millie has a new colleague and flat mate, a rather tense girl by the name of Gillian who brings new depths to the work focused. Kristen and Joel (who got married in the first book) are parents of two now, but still come into the city when they can to meet the others and let their hair down. Tara and Tyler who met at the wedding are expecting a baby, and finally Rob, last seen moving to Colorado with his awful wife Collette, is back in town alone in a bachelor pad. He’s separated from Collette, sees their daughter Vivienne at weekends, and spends the rest of the time trying to get Millie back into his life. He’s changed a bit, he seemed a little weak in previous books but knows what he wants now.

Painting a Picture for your Paperback?– I’m not convinced Millie knows how lucky she is; two hot, eligible men chasing after her, a few months in the most fun city in the world without having to worry about visas, a ready made group of friends there already, great social life, what more could a girl want? It’s potentially an ideal world for a newly single woman in her late twenties, working and socialising in the city, and living within staggering distance of a good night out.

Evaluation of your eBook?– It’s shorter than I expected, but still a full length book, and once I started it I had to read the whole thing immediately. I guess when characters are already established you can jump right into the story. The conclusion’s not predictable from the outset, and *spoiler alert*, the proposal in question might not even be one of marriage! There’s plenty at stake; such as how much would you give up for someone, and should they ask it of you? There’s plenty going on and it’s well paced, give it a shot for a warm, fast read full of dilemas, but do yourself a favour and read Millie and the American Wedding first!

Frothy Ranking: 4/5 cocktails.

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