Christmas Novellas

Mistletoe in Manhattan- Talli Roland

It’s short ‘n sweet and took about an hour to read, but something a little different. Holly is a true child of Christmas, her parents plan Christmas parties professionally, all year round. Holly was born on the big day, and has always indulged her parents obsession. But now she has a chance to prove herself by planning a massive party for a spoiled British actor- in New York.

A contemporary tale of a modern British girl on the loose in New York for the first time; she holds her own against her employer and his assistant, but will she cave in to pressure from her family and her (rather judgmental) new friend or can she cut the umbilical to her Christmas-obsessed parents?  A quick, cheap, read about adventure and family ties.

Only 77p from Amazon UK and 99c from Amazon US.

Bah, Humbug! Heather Horrocks

This is another quickie, only about an hour’s read, but that’s alright because it’s free from Amazon US and Amazon UK! Lexi is a TV homebody, a younger (unincarcerated) Martha Stewart. She gets by as a single mother to her two kids who are both fans of childrens’ mystery writer Kyle Miller. Just before Christmas they move to a nicer house that Lexi can finally afford- to discover Kyle is their next door neighbour and that he tried to hide a gun in their snowman- purely in the interests of research, fortunately. When Kyle turns out to be a lonely man on a book deadline with a sad family history, Lexi takes him on as a Christmas project; healing the problems with his father and brothers, and helping him regain his Christmas spirit. It’s a cute little love story, with interesting characters.

Santa Maybe – Scarlett Bailey

Saving the best for last- this one’s a little longer, at least two hours worth, and highly original. Thirty-ish Amy is woken on Christmas Eve by Santa- a very HOT Santa- and told it’s her turn for a wish to come true: He’s tasked with finding true love for her by the end of the night. As well as delivering all the gifts! There begins a night of travel over continents and time as they examine a past break up, her absent father, the rat-pack party scene in 1956, Bethlehem 2000 years ago, and snowy Lapland (which is not a lap-dancing club, contrary to the expectations of one elf). This book certainly defied my expectations with an original Santa mythology, unusual elves, and the aforementioned young Santa. This book is unusual fun, with some nice banter between the leads, as well as the minor characters.

Sorry, doesn’t seem to be available from Amazon US, but if you can get it from Amazon UK for £1.28, don’t miss it.

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