Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? – Claudia Carroll

Irish actress Annie is only twenty-eight years old but wondering what happened to her life- she married the love of her life and lived a fun life in Dublin with a promising career for a while, before finding herself living in the sticks, in the middle of a veterinary practice in a home that’s not her own and overrun with people. Dan is Annie’s husband and took over his late father’s practice three years earlier, and also took over the large family home from his mother- on the condition that they didn’t change a thing. Annie has a part time job but is left to her own devices most of the time while Dan works long hours and the house is invaded by her unemployed young sister-in-law, her interfering mother-in-law, vet colleagues and various neighbours. When opportunity knocks, Annie takes the chance to act in a Broadway play for a year and when the distance takes its toll they decide to take a marriage break for a year.

Kooks for your Kindle?– Plenty of these to go around, although none are unbelievably over the top. Liz, Annie’s friend and colleague in New York is quite the wild woman, but comes crashing down to earth with some very real problems. Jack, Annie’s predatory director, seemed a little reptilian to me, the type to want what he can’t have. Jules, Dan’s little sister is more than just a lovable freeloader, she becomes a good friend and ally to Annie; the only person in Ireland who sees what Annie is going through and interferes to try and keep them together, even if her motives aren’t totally selfless! Annie’s mother is interesting, a diplomat based in Washington with some wisdom to impart and her own way of supporting her daughter. The wanna-be home-wrecking neighbour Lisa is a piece of work, who soon sees Dan as an easy mark and tries to enlist him as her financial sponsor and potential new Dad for her kids.

The Bella-Swan-Pathetically-Self-Sacrificing-Factor– Annie is an enigma- she has the guts to take such a far away job and stand on stage in front of hundreds of people, but she let everybody walk all over her at home. The house was passed on to them by Dan’s mother when she moved to a nearby flat, but they aren’t allowed to change a thing, and the vet practice is adjoining so staff are forever traipsing through the house. To say nothing of the 24 hour a day phone calls. I suppose I’m the opposite, I would have happily pitched a fit at home to get some privacy, but wouldn’t dare get up on stage!

Painting a picture for your paperback?– the aforementioned living situation was horrifying to me, although the close-knit Irish community has its charms. New York is joyously portrayed as the city of Annie’s freedom, where she has a fabulous apartment and some days free to explore the city as a single woman. She’s even lucky enough to go to the Tony awards and the Hamptons, although both take a turn for the disastrous.

Evaluation of your eBook?– It’s a well written, well paced read, hard to put down once it gets going; I finished the whole thing in 4 or 5 hours on a long flight. The ending felt a little anti-climactic, I would have liked to see Annie speak her mind to everyone back home. The writing style is modern, quick and funny, although some descriptions are repeated a few times, and “anyroadup” is deployed with abandon! On the whole, recommended for a quick, charming, entertaining tale with some good turns along the way.

Frothy Ranking: 3.5/5 cocktails.

Can be obtained from:

UK: £3.99 from Amazon, WHSmith, and Waterstones.

US: Unfortunately not currently available as an ebook on Amazon, Kobobooks or Ebooks.

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