Starstruck – Portia MacIntosh

Sorry for the lack of frothiness over the last couple of weeks, I have one excuse- Wimbledon! Anyway, it’s music festival season, so what better way to get in the mood than with Starstruck, the tale of Nicole, a young British music journalist who loves hanging with the bands and aspires to Paris Hilton levels of fame. Be careful what you wish for though, because her friendship with megastar Dylan puts her firmly on the front pages of the trashiest newspapers with him looking misleadingly like he’s cheating on his new wife with Nicole. In the meantime somebody else has it in for Nicole and makes it look like she’s spreading nasty rumours about the bands that she’s interviewing, jeopardising her journalistic reputation to boot. What’s a girl to do? Head off on tour with another favourite band, drink far too much and get an ego boost from having all the band members fight over you, that’s what! If Nicole can clear her name, get revenge and stop her mates doing too many drugs, even better.

Kooks for your Kindle?– There are a lot of rockstars within, and they’re easily confused, especially when Nicole’s with the band Two For The Road, but Luke is the main one there, he adores Nicole but is fighting demons of his own. Dylan is Nicole’s best mate, and massively famous. He seems the adorable screw-up type, shagging his was around and needing a good friend to keep him out of trouble. Unfortunately Nicole wasn’t able to prevent Dylan impregnating a vile WAG-type creature and doing the proper thing by marrying her. It’s worth reading just the see the baby names of the twin girls. Nicole’s hometown colleagues include the overly naive Emily and the resentful Vicky. Potential love interest Charles seems great only at first, but it took Nicole a while to hear the same alarm bells that you’ll hear.

The Bella-Swan-Pathetically-Self-Sacrificing-Factor– Nicole had all the decision making skills of an early-twenties fangirl, as a result of this she gets into frequently avoidable scrapes. But she’s not too silly; she doesn’t touch drugs or sleep with entire bands. I also liked the way she stood up for herself and spoke her mind in the TV interview, and the way she exacted revenge on her nemesis at the end. I found her fame role model of Paris Hilton to be a couple of years past relevancy, I would have thought today’s equivalent would be someone heavily featuring the letter K (whose name shall not darken my pages, you know the one).

Painting a Picture for your Paperback?– I get the impression the author is a bit of a groupie herself and has worked some disguised true stories in here. If you want the gritty truth of what it’s like to be there on the tour bus and backstage while the fans are throwing themselves at the band, this is quite an insight.

Provoking your Inner-Pedant– There were a few little errors, but no more that are commonly found in a self-published book. It didn’t seem in need of a big edit though, the structure and pace were both great.

Evaluation of your eBook?– I suspect this book would be best read by the twenties and late teens market, for it did make me feel a little old- if you are no longer able to do shots the entire night, wake up from two hours sleep and function the next day then you might not identify very well with the heroine! Despite that she’s a (mostly) practical girl with a lot of initiative who knows what she wants and takes good care of people. The book was fast paced, gossipy, warm, can be devoured in a few hours, and very well priced for a good fun summer read.

Frothy Ranking: 3.5/5 cocktails.

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