The School Run – Sophie King

It’s a brave author that gives an borderline obnoxious character the first chapter, but the story is told from the point of view of at least five characters overall. Two mums, a step-mum, a widower dad, a single teacher, and an au-pair are among the main characters in this story set over the course of one fraught week at the end of the school year. A major health scare, redundancy, an anniversary of a bereavement and a possibly cheating spouse are just four of the themes explored.

Kooks for your Kindle?– The characters are very middle class, and seem strangely older than parents of young children would be. I don’t think anyone I know has worn a leotard to yoga (or anywhere else for that matter) since the 80s Jane Fonda era; and tastes in music and radio stations are also slightly anachronistic. However, I believe it originally came out a few years ago in paperback. My dislike for some of the characters turned to empathy as their stories unfolded.

The Bella-Swan-Pathetically-Self-Sacrificing-Factor– All the characters are unfortunately reluctant to take matters into their own hands, and if it wasn’t for dramatic events at the end of the week explosively bringing things to a head, issues may not have been resolved as tidily.

Evaluation of your eBook?-My initial reaction to a tale of well-to-do school mums flinging robust cars around suburban streets with (occasionally tipsy) abandon was not one of interest, but I gave it a chance and as tales converged and events descended into chaos I was gripped. The narrative style of switching between characters made it a page turner, but it did make it hard to keep track of which kids belong to whom. But that doesn’t matter, it’s more about the adults’ dramas, and there are many compelling ones which I found myself interested in, despite my initial response.

Frothy Ranking: 3/5 cocktails.

Can be obtained from:

UK: Amazon for £1.53.

US: Not found on any of the usual sites, but I will advise if it appears.