Perfect On Paper- Maria Murnane

Meet Waverley Bryson- no, that’s not the name of an 1800’s Mississippi steamboat, she’s an american twenty-something PR account manager. Really, what’s with the surnames as first-name thing, it’s spreading across the Atlantic too! But that’s beside the point, for she’s been jilted dangerously close to her wedding day and dreading rejoining the ranks of the Dating Woman. Fortunately she leads a full life in San Francisco with a stressful job in national PR for endorsed sporting products and she has good friends to egg her on. Waverley exorcises her romantic disasters by using the inspiration for writing greeting cards called Honey notes, and as her romantic life continues to flounder the Honey Notes take off, opening new opportunities for her.

Kooks for your Kindle?– Waverley’s best mates, McKenna (don’t get me started again) and Andie are lively enough, and the kind of girls you’d need in the aftermath of a breakup, they allow no wallowing. The girl chat is real, not cheesy, and frequently oiled with plenty of good booze. There’s a nice selection of characters both in and away from work, from all walks of life. Waverley’s Dad is a trial, but he means well.

The Bella-Swan-Pathetically-Self-Sacrificing-Factor– Waverley does seem disproportionally distressed by her failed engagement to Aaron, whom she dated for only a few weeks before his proposal. I think it’s more the disappointment than the guy himself, as she didn’t know him very well. Her romantic endeavours are admirable, even going so far as to attempt the occasional blind date- these go as disastrously as you might expect from a frothy read. She has a habit of befriending the famous people with whom she comes into contact through work, although not exploiting those connections.

Painting a Picture for your Paperback?– Anything set in the picturesque city of San Francisco will hold my attention, especially when interspersed with glamorous trips to New York. But the morning walks/runs through the hilly streets overlooking the bay really took me back to one of my favourite cities.

Evaluation of your eBook?-The plot skips along with various work/romantic/social events, but it wasn’t until I wrote this this that I realised nothing huge happened in the middle of the book. Despite this the pages kept turning, possibly because the characters are so likable. When Waverley’s career escalates towards the end of the book things do become a little far-fetched (People magazine!). The author clearly knows the world of PR and gives an interesting insight. The ending leads the way to a sequel, It’s a Waverly Life, followed by Honey on Your Mind. It’s an enjoyable read, and certainly frothy without being mindless. The lead character is immensely likable, if a little bit Bridget Jones with the klutzy disasters.

Frothy Ranking: 3/5 cocktails.

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US: Amazon for only $2.99.

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