Stop the Wedding! – Stephanie Bond

In this romantic comedy, Annabelle Coakley receives some disturbing news- her widowed mother is marrying a penniless old movie star. Meanwhile Clay Castleberry also receives disturbing news- his old movie star father is marrying for the umpteenth time. Both converge on Atlanta to stop the wedding. Annabelle is concerned for her naive mother, who was married for all her adult life until being recently widowed, and may be at risk of being conned out of her valuable home. Clay just wants to pay off the latest gold-digging bimbo that he’s expecting, like he normally does. Both Annabelle and Clay are in for a surprise when they see just how in love the betrothed couple are, Clay is especially surprised at both the age-appropriateness of the parents’ match, and his attraction to her daughter.

Kooks for your Kindle?– Both the parents are very sweet, and a good match for each other. Belle especially is written with some depth as a patient mother very understanding of her daughter’s bitterness. Clay is slightly exaggerated as the male lead, rather obnoxious at the start, but of course even though he’s a high flying investment manager he secretly drives a pick up truck and does manly things in the woods. The only other character is Michaela, Annabelle’s assistant and friend, also known as Mike- you can imagine the misunderstandings this leads to.

The Bella-Swan-Pathetically-Self-Sacrificing-Factor– Annabelle is a busy divorce attorney, and I imagine handling a hundred cases a month might jade someone on the subject of marriage, but she goes a little overboard with her mother. On the other hand, I found her to be a little too much of a passenger in her romantic dealings with Clay, but it was pretty hilarious when he found out how much he’d misjudged her situation.

Nookie for your Nook?– The author manages to make it steamy, but clean. Like a good launderette, but more fun.

Evaluation of your eBook?– If you’re looking for a cheap, light, quick, fun read, this is your book. The outcome is a little predictable, but so are most truly frothy reads. Oddly, I was thinking this would make a good TV movie, and at the end the author mentioned something along the same lines. I’m thinking I’ve covered a few books with an prickly attorney for a female lead lately, coincidence I’m sure, but I’ll aim for another career field in the next one!

Frothy Ranking: 3/5 cocktails.

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